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We have a vast number of published papers that have been presented at past GPA Europe events.

GLS LNG Concept Advancement

Presented at May 1988 Meeting in Bruges Belgium by Eginhard Berger of Linde AG.

Barrow Onshore Terminal Gas and Liquid Processing
With the completion of Phase I Stage I of the Morecambe Bay Project gas is available from nineteen offshore production w
Gas Sweetening with Alkanolamines Operating Cost Reduction

Presented at London Meeting  on 19 November 1986 by

J. Tournier-Lasserve, Elf Aquitaine Production

Dynamic Simulation as a Basic Design Tool

Presented by Mark Dixon at GPA Europe meeting in London, 18 November 1985.

Hydrate Prediction - The Importance of GPA Research

Presented at June 1985 Conference in Kristiansund, Norway by

A. Wilson, Hydro

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