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GPA Europe October 2020 Newsletter

GPA Europe October 2020 Newsletter

All the latest news from GPA Europe in October 2020.

GPA Europe October 2020 Newsletter

GPA Europe October 2020 Newsletter

Virtual Event Series 2020 - 2021

The digital journey continues 08 October 2020!

Registration for our Virtual Event Series is open! We are delivering high quality presentations directly to you, our members, for free in the comfort of your home or office. Be part of our digital journey continuing on 08 October 2020 with the first of our Young Professional Sessions.

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A Huge Thank you to our Panellists; Jay Habayeb, Keiren Lake, Graham Mason and Gerd Modes for taking part in our Panel Discussion on 24 September 2020.

We would also like to extend a special Thank you to Sumedha Sharma for expertly fielding your questions and helping us to gain an insight into what COVID-19 will mean for our industry now and in the next 18 months.

Did you miss the session? Our Panel Discussion is available for GPA Europe members to watch on our website here.

AGM and Technical Meeting

We have made the difficult decision to hold our AGM and Technical Meeting virtually in 2020. With how the COVID-19 situation has been over the past few months, we cannot be sure we could hold a physical AGM securely and safely for our members.

We will still be bringing you our usual AGM alongside two high quality papers. The Agenda will be sent out to Company Representatives over the coming week.



GPA Europe would like to thank our sponsors:

If you are interested in Sponsoring an individual session, or the event series, please get in touch with us at [email protected] today for more information.



Registration is now open:

We will update you via our website,, and on our social media platforms as our plans take shape. Don't forget to connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook.

As always, we want to hear from you, our GPA Europe members. If you have topics of interest or would like to be involved in our virtual events, please do get in touch with us at [email protected].

Registration is OPEN: Virtual Series 2020-2021

Paper of the Month

A new feature for us, we will be highlighting a paper of relevance from our archives each month.

This month we are looking back to our Young Professional Training Day 2019 and a presentation from Javier F. de la Fuente, Fluor Amsterdam and Nick Amott, Fluor Ltd UK:

"Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage, is it the Holy Grail toward a sustainable energy system?"

With our first Young Professional Virtual Session focusing on Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage, we take you back to when Javier F. de la Fuente and Nick Amott provided a presentation from the perspective of a Young Engineer and the views of “Millennial’s” looking to the future, perhaps tempered by the retrospective of a “Baby Boomer”.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has globally been declared the planet’s public enemy. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in the short-term and, more importantly, Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) in the long-term are perhaps the most relevant strategies worldwide to reverse the increasing emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. Of course, whilst Carbon Capture might be perceived as an “end of pipe” solution to address climate change, it must also be viewed in the context of rapidly dealing with the mitigation of CO2 emissions and the burgeoning application of green, renewable and zero carbon energy sources. A number of promising CCU projects have been successful at a demonstration-scale including: (1) producing liquid hydrocarbons (e.g. methanol) from CO2, water and electricity; (2) making polyurethanes, polyols and polycarbonates from CO2 as feedstock; and (3) using CO2 to accelerate the carbonation of waste residues to produce construction materials. One of the key components for these technologies to become industrially scalable and economically feasible is the capacity to capture and purify CO2 at a competitive cost. Existing carbon capture technologies, such as amine plants, membranes and physical solvents and their applications are compared to technologies currently under development including the concept of air to fuels, which has been intensively developed by Carbon Engineering, and the use of enzymes as a catalyst to cheaply absorb CO2.

Download the Presentation

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We provide a direct marketing channel to Directors and Process Engineers within the natural Gas Processing Industry.

We have multiple sponsorship opportunities at our events, as well as advertising within In Brief and our Newsletter - contact us for more information.

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Our November 2019 Issue of In Brief is now out on the streets - Check it out! Our next issue will be available soon.

If you would like to contribute to future issues, we have an opportunity to get involved. A chance to promote your name through the industry.

In Brief is a great opportunity to gain product recognition to the GPA Europe membership.

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The 14th edition of the GPSA Engineering Databook is available with up to the minute improvements and the latest data.

The GPSA Engineering Databook is almost 1,000 pages of technical information and is the worldwide authoritative resource for technical and design information. It compiles basic design information together with data and procedures that can used by field and plant engineers to determine operating and design parameters.

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