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Filtration in Field Troubleshooting

Filters and Coalescers are used in all walks of life where we produce, utilise or consume fluids are processed or used. Our cars (at least those with internal combustion engines) are only able to provide the reliable, economic and ever lower emissions that we expect as a result of the Fuel, Lube and Air filters they use.  We are able to turn on the tap and safely drink fresh water as a result of the filtration and purification processes that the water goes through. Planes can fly at high elevation and temperatures well below freezing point due to the filters and coalescers used in the fuelling procedure. Milk, beer, wine and carbonated drinks are safe for us to consume due to harmful bacteria being removed via filtration.

Filtration and coalescing technologies are also widely used in every processing environment. The economics of hydrocarbon processing is heavily affected by the effectiveness of the filters and coalescers utilised. Plants are only able to produce on spec products and operate at the highest energy efficiency, highest throughput, highest reliability and lowest maintenance costs if the correct filtration and coalescing technology is installed and correctly maintained. Even when the correct filtration solutions are installed, operational issues can occur which affects the performance of this critical equipment. This seminar will look at the types of filters and coalescers commonly employed, operational issues that might be encountered and ways to identify what is causing the operational issues.

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