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Implementation of Rigorous Modelling and Optimization Tools for Sustainable Production of Green Ammonia

Only 40% of global CO2 emissions originate from power generation which can be decarbonized via renewable power, whereas the other 60% of CO2 emissions originate from industry, transportation, buildings, and others. Green hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier that can be applied to decarbonization, either used directly or in the form of its derivatives like methanol, ammonia, or e-fuels to replace traditional energy sources that are believed to be the cause of climate change. This work aims to focus on the challenges, opportunities, and future potentials with ammonia as a carbon-free chemical, by introducing and implementing cutting-edge simulation tools that allow for the exploration of wider aspects of the green ammonia process such as yield, energy consumption sustainability, to overcome barriers related to production, storage and usage. The use of advanced modelling can comprehensively explore the domain of various factors over KPI’s to assess the impact of different storage unit sizes, different energy management strategies to cope with fluctuations associated to wind energy and load on ammonia reactor to maintain stability within the system. This is done to optimize the process and reduce both energy consumption and gas emissions.

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