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GPA Europe January 2023 Newsletter

GPA Europe January 2023 Newsletter

All the latest news from GPA Europe in January 2023.

GPA Europe January 2023 Newsletter

GPA Europe January 2023 Newsletter

The Hot-Seat

"Happy New Year to you all!

Allow me to wish you all the best for this 2023 that we have started…
Hopefully you all had a good break and managed to spend some quality time with friends and family during the holiday period… I do believe that will give us the strength and energy to start this new year as well as being prepared for the challenges that it will bring.

Here at the GPAE we are busy thinking, preparing, organising… this year we will celebrate 40 years since the organisation started…
We want this celebration to be remembered. We want to remember everyone that has helped us throughout all these years! It’s going to be a BIG THANK YOU.
For the main celebration, we look forward to welcoming you all in Ludwigshafen, Germany - the home of BASF, who have been founder members of the GPAE, for our Annual Meeting in October. We will have talks, seminars, workshops and of course lots of time for a good networking time! Please don’t forget to send your abstract, ideas and any feedback to us ([email protected]) - so you can be a part of the celebrations early!

During the year, we will continue with our seminars, focusing on the energy transition and decarbonisation where we bring you the opportunity to learn and share together in this fast journey that our industry is embracing.

We look forward to 2023. We expect it to be a GREAT YEAR - come and help us to do that!

All the best,
Myrian Schenk, GPAE Chairperson"

Get Involved in 2023!


2023 will be our 40th Birthday and we will be celebrating at our Annual Conference at BASF SE in Germany and hope to see many of you there! We are finalising plans and will communicate these soon.

Be part of our conferences promoting a new energy future and the transition of our industry towards that future. We are looking for stories about the development of technology and best practices affecting Natural Gas processing. As well as a look at Hydrogen, Biogas, Ammonia, Carbon Capture and Storage, and LNG amongst others, to inspire the gas processing community.

Do you have a story to tell? All we need is a 100-200-word abstract. Send your abstract - Title, Author to [email protected]

It will be reviewed by our Technical Committee and, if accepted, we can help you to develop it into a technical paper and presentation.

Each year we present an award at our AGM for the best paper. The Best Paper Award is selected by our conference attendees and is based on the feedback scores received.

The Aungier Award is for the best paper presented by one of our Young Professionals at our conferences. The winner is decided by our Technical Committee. Alongside the award, the winner will get £1,000!

Could this be you?

As further details become available for our 2023 Events, we bring you essential updates and what else to look out for in 2023.

Stay involved with us in 2023, membership renewals for 2023 have all been sent out and we look forward to seeing you at one of our virtual events, and hopefully conference, this year!

In Brief



Our November 2022 Issue of In Brief is out on the streets - Check it out!

This issue reports on the GPA Europe Technical Conference held in London in May 2022 as well as our Webinars.

We have our regular 'View from the Top' by our Chairperson Gary Bowerbank, discussing 'Getting back to 'Normal'".

The lead article has been contributed by David Simmonds. The article is titled 'The Industry's Case for the Renationalisation of Consumer Energy Markets'. We would love to hear your thoughts and any comments you may have.

Please contact the GPAE Team if you would like to contribute towards our May issue - [email protected]

Get Involved

Paper of the Month

This month we are looking back to a paper from Charlie Gould, Fluor. Presented at our Annual Conference November 2023.

"A Physical Solvent Approach to Carbon Capture and its Applications for Blue Hydrogen"

"Hydrogen production and carbon capture are major stepping stones towards a decarbonised future and are expected to be key components of the world’s energy transition away from fossil fuels. New low-cost technologies are critical to advancing these efforts. Bulk removal of CO2 is typically performed using an amine-based solvent such as MDEA (methyl-diethanolamine). However, in many applications with high CO2 partial pressures and little to no H2S, a better option may be a physical solvent, such as propylene carbonate, as used in the Fluor SolventSM process. Propylene carbonate is a non-corrosive, non-toxic, and biodegradable solvent, capable of achieving equal levels of CO2 capture with an estimated 80% reduction in primary energy input compared to a conventional amine-based CO2 removal system.

This paper explores the use of propylene carbonate to capture CO2 from existing or new-build hydrogen production plants (SMR, ATR, or POX) and recovery of that CO2 for carbon sequestration or EOR to produce Blue Hydrogen. In the example considered in this paper, the carbon capture unit is located downstream of the water-gas shift reactors in an ATR plant and upstream of a conventional PSA unit. The captured CO2 stream will have sufficient CO2 purity for sequestration or other industrial uses. This paper presents CO2 capture levels, captured CO2 purity, total utilities consumption and other key aspects of the process to provide a comparison between propylene carbonate and a conventional amine-based CO2 removal system."

Download the Paper

GPSA Engineering Databook CDs - 14th Edition

We have 14th Edition GPSA Engineering Databook CDs available with up to the minute improvements and the latest data in SI Format.

The GPSA Engineering Databook is almost 1,000 pages of technical information and is the worldwide authoritative resource for technical and design information.

GPAE members receive a £50/€60 discount.

Every process engineer should have one!

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Gulf Energy Information

Our media partner Gulf Energy Information has just launched a new technical publication, H2Tech, serving engineers and professionals in the hydrogen sector.

If you would like to register for a free trial subscription to the weekly e-newsletter or the quarterly magazine, just click on the graphic below:

If you have news you would like to share with our members, please email us at [email protected]

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