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GPA Europe December 2021 Newsletter

GPA Europe December 2021 Newsletter

All the latest news from GPA Europe in December 2021.

GPA Europe December 2021 Newsletter

GPA Europe December 2021 Newsletter

The Hot-Seat

A message from our Chairperson, Gary Bowerbank.

" As we fast approach the end of the year, our recent AGM was a great opportunity to reflect on 2021. We continued our virtual webinar series and held our first virtual conference over two days, covering a many of the critical topics facing our industry (see the upcoming In Brief for more detailed look-back). It is clear that while conventional natural gas remains essential for day-to-day life in Europe, the move to other energy sources (H2, biogas, etc.) will accelerate. This represents an opportunity for our members, as many of these Future Energy solutions still utilise gas molecules and will still require many of the existing Gas Processing steps (treating, compression, separation, liquefaction, etc.). There is still a bright future for GPA Europe.

Speaking of the future, don’t forget membership renewals will be out today. We are here for our members and value all the support we receive.

As ever, we would like to hear from you and welcome any feedback, feel free to connect via social media (Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter) or reach out to [email protected]."

Thank you from GPA Europe 

A big thank you to all delegates and speakers who attended our Technical Conference & AGM 2021. We had a morning of high-quality technical papers, providing thought provoking discussions. Our AGM followed with Gary Bowerbank presenting an overview of 2021, from our Virtual Event Series to our first Virtual 2-day conference. This conference gave us insight into interesting areas which are not the traditional Gas Processing focus. At GPA Europe we continue to enable this by connecting the tradition Gas Processing sectors with the emerging Future Energy businesses. October saw the first of our New Energy Webinars which we will continue throughout 2022.

As we bring down the curtain on the GPA Europe Technical Conference and AGM 2021 we are already looking ahead to next year, we will be hosting more Virtual Webinars on the future energy areas, as well as 2 face to face conferences. By working together, learning from each other and investing in the right areas we can meet the energy demands of the future without compromising the present.

GPA Europe in 2022

Call for Papers

Be part of our conferences promoting a new energy future and the transition of our industry towards that future. We are looking for stories about the development of technology and best practices affecting Natural Gas processing. As well as a look at Hydrogen, Biogas, Ammonia, Carbon Capture and Storage, and LNG amongst others, to inspire the gas processing community.

February 2022 Virtual Webinar – “Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage”

April 2022 Virtual Webinar – “Hydrogen”

May 2022 Conference & Workshop – “Roadmap for the Transition”

September 2022 Virtual Webinar – “Biogas”

November 2022 Annual Conference, Young Professional Training Day & AGM

Do you have a story to tell? All we need is a 100-200-word abstract. Tell us what your idea is and why you think it is special. Send your abstract - Title, Author to [email protected]

For more information see our Call for Papers and Submission Guidelines.

In Brief

Check out our latest issue of In Brief! This issue reports on the GPA Europe Technical Meeting & AGM held in November 2020 and our Virtual Event Series which ran from September 2020 - April 2021.

Our next issue of In Brief will be out this month.

Please contact the GPA E Team for more information - [email protected]

Get Involved

Paper of the Month

This month we are looking back to one of our Best Paper Award Winners from Christian Bladanet, TechnipEnergies. Presented at our Spring Conference 2019.

"Yamal LNG – A Project Beyond Limits"

"After four years of development, the Yamal LNG plant is now producing at full capacity. From design to operation, through construction, module shipment and commissioning, this article will share some insight of the extraordinary journey of the project, and how a wild white land was turned into a profitable and sustainable plant. Finally, the methodology to validate the operation beyond its nameplate capacity, taking advantage of the coolest months of the year will be described. Through insight of the challenges tackled and amazing pictures of some of the largest modules shipped through the Northern Sea Route, the authors will share some of the passion that made this project come true."

Download the Paper

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

We provide a direct marketing channel to Directors and Process Engineers within the natural Gas Processing Industry.

We have multiple sponsorship opportunities at our events, as well as advertising within In Brief and our Newsletter - contact us for more information.

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