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ssLNG to Power Plants for Distributed Power Generation

Forced by forecasted continuing cost advantages LNG versus oil and the worldwide efforts of CO2 emission reductions, more and more power plants shall be switched from oil-fueling to gas fueling. For remote locations, where no natural gas pipeline grid is in the vicinity, ssLNG-to-power is the fuel-supply solution for an adjacent gas fired power plant. The power generation in remote areas usually amounts up to 300 MW, that corresponds to LNG fueling of around 0.5 MTPA. The required LNG fuel supply can be established via barge, trucks or rail cars.

LNG advantages versus NG from pipeline can also be used in such installations. These terminals can be equipped with additional LNG distribution facilities, e.g. LNG ISO-container loading for subsequent supply of LNG satellite or fueling stations. Another LNG advantage is the provision of cold to the adjacent power plant that implies potential of efficiency increase during power generation.

Rapid installation time and a cost beneficial solution are usually important for the customers in this business. To achieve this, a modular design approach combined with a high level of standardization for the small-mid scale LNG infrastructure are essential success factors. Depending on the individual project the standardized and modular design approach allows optimized execution by selection of either maximizing prefabrication or in-situ construction. This design approach brings clear advantages in plant expandability while providing for fast track project delivery with shortest time to commercial operations and an optimized return on investment.

Synergies during planning, construction and operation of the total installation comprising LNG terminal and power station should be maximized. This presentation details such synergies as well as the technology, appropriate execution philosophy and proven solutions.

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