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Optimized CO2 capture with DMX™ process

CO2 capture & storage is foreseen as a necessity to limit global warming, as indicated by the International Energy Agency. Major initiatives have to be initiated in a near future with concrete actions to get efficient results in limiting global warming. DMX™ process is foreseen as a key driver to initiate such transition in the industrial world. This process is based on a second-generation amine solvent, allowing to drastically reducing CO2 capture cost in comparison to more conventional solvent such as MEA and others available solvents. Based on the actual knowledge, techno-economic studies have been performed for 3 study cases and show significant advantage of DMX™ technology relatively to MEA : up to 30 % reduction in OPEX can be obtained for lower or similar CAPEX, depending on the condition. Such performance would be demonstrated within the H2020 3D Project, based on pilot test on real industrial gas from ArcelorMittal steel mill plant in Dunkirk (France). The H2020 3D Project could also study the whole value chain for an industrial CCS application linking ArcelorMittal plant in Dunkirk to potential storages in the North Sea. The 3D Project coordinated by IFPEN involves 11 companies and academic partners from Europe.

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