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Non-Thermal Microwave Plasma Conversion of Methane to High Value Acetylene (and Hydrogen)

Valorisation of methane by conversion to other products will be increasingly important as decarbonisation efforts change energy production. Electrification of gas fired ethylene crackers for example, will free up significant volumes of methane which will be available for conversion into higher value products via green processes. Transform Materials non-thermal microwave plasma process converts hydrocarbons directly to acetylene without producing CO2 in the reaction – in fact the only ‘by product’ is high purity hydrogen!

Use of renewable gas and green energy means this process can even be carbon negative, meaning green acetylene can be converted to things like green polymers e.g. PVC via VCM! The TM process is scalable, modular and can be deployed more locally to acetylene end users meaning simplified and greener supply chains and logistics.

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