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“Here’s the feed composition. Let’s go!”

No matter how sophisticated your gas processing concept is, unless your feed composition is correct, you’re screwed. Is the feed composition a given? Who validates it? Why are standard reservoir fluid QC methods so often misinterpreted? What makes contaminant concentrations vary over time? Why are condensate: gas ratios underestimated causing a bottleneck in liquid export flow rates?

Problems arise from the structure of the Industry and from the techniques of measurement and interpretation. The Industry is divided into disciplines with different perspectives (see “spot the tank!” below). Partial information is parcelled up by one discipline and passed to another. This filtering is imperfect.

Technical problems stretch from reservoir sampling to export stream. Modern emphasis on collecting formation testing samples cuts costs compared to surface testing but is lean on information for lean fluids!

Costly mistakes can be avoided by checking the data like a Petroleum Detective. Drawing across a range of interesting case studies the talk will explain difficulties in measurements, the effects of sampling processes involved and most importantly what we can do about it.

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