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Energy transition: threat or opportunities?

For decades, the natural gas industry has been working toward improving the wellbeing of societies, by providing safe, affordable and abundant energy. During this journey, our industry has continuously developed technologies improving the efficiency and emissions of the gas processing facilities.

Today, clean, carbon free, green energies make all the talk. Is it the bell tolls of the natural gas industry?

This paper will present emerging ways to produce, store and transport carbon free or carbon neutral energies and how members of GPA Europe (producers, contractors and suppliers) can contribute to this movement, by building on our industry know-how and experiences.

Call for Papers in 2021

Leading the Way

Our mission is broad: To provide a forum to promote the European gas processing industry

We seek papers, both technical and commercial, that support our mission and speakers who are keen to deliver them.

Got a story to tell? All we need is a 100-200-word abstract. Tell us what your idea is and why you think it is special. Send your abstract - Title, Author to [email protected]

It will be reviewed by our Technical Committee and if accepted we can help you to develop it into a compelling story and technical paper.

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