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Benefits of an integrated approach to enhance F&G detection on a FLNG

The aim of F&G systems is to detect a fire or a flammable gas leak sufficiently early to alert and initiate appropriate actions before a catastrophic event. Once located by prescriptive rules, F&G detectors can now be specified through F&G Mapping, which is becoming an effective way to achieve coverage performance targets.

In 2017, an in-house F&G Mapping study was carried on a FLNG EPC project with more than 1 000 detectors. This study involved many stakeholders and a robust workprocess but enables TechnipFMC to effectively optimize the design, the CAPEX, the planning and to maintain accurate knowledge of the study.

Based on a geographic approach, defining flammable gas cloud size generating an overpressure greater than 150 mbar was a key step. As the overpressure developed by the explosion is a complex mechanism involving numerous parameters, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations were performed to model explosions and subsequently retrieve relevant gas cloud sizes . Building on TechnipFMC expertise in flame leak physical properties and fire mapping practices, this resulted in optimized detectors locations taking into account modules/decks specificities.​

This paper will provide an insight of the method and results of F&G mapping studies performed on TechnipFMC projects.

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